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Graaandma! (Orch. Loop) LoZ:WW Graaandma! (Orch. Loop) LoZ:WW

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how hard is it to take a midi and change the instruments? anyways, if it isnt a midi changed than congrats its a nice arrangement, but judging by how this sounds...


SuperTonic64 responds:

Thanks, but there is no MIDI avalible on the net for this particular song, till today. I spent 2 hours listening to the gameplay music in Wind Waker to make this song. I took it note by note in Finale, then afterwards, I saved it as a MIDI and submitted it to Once the site is updated, you will be able to see under the "gamecube" section where I submitted it. (The sequencer name is "Tiara" :))

I had a lot of trouble working this to sound like the original, because I had to listen to the song so much. :D (It gives you a headache after a while, I listened to it so much. :P)

My goal is to make game music sound BETTER than the originals. If I can do that, then my goal is complete. :)

*Death Trigger* [ZeRo BaSs] *Death Trigger* [ZeRo BaSs]

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thats a pretty stupid assumption, you know that o voters get to you fast, i didnt even vote yet because i always wait til it goes below five, its a habit...anyways, i wont take offense to it because i know how pissed off you are.


Sashman - Sad Departings Sashman - Sad Departings

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


well im a pianist, and this hurt my ears, its off key all the time, that means that your playing at random and you have no idea what your doing. Music is a complicated subject, you cant just go on a piano and think youll be able to play.

To war To war

Rated 1 / 5 stars


the drums were off beat by SO MUCH omg, learn to do this right and youd be good...but your too hard headed to accept anythign anyone says, so whatever just comntinue making this crap

The Climax The Climax

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these are just horribly synced loops of whatever classical song you stol them from if not then, learn to organize your songs, and but them in the right tempo, one instrument Cannot be at 140 bpm while another at 130...that doesnt work

mrStrike responds:

I'm sorry dude, but I stole none of this stuff from any songs, and I believe that you have absolutely no clue what you're talking about. I'd like to listen to some of your music please- mrStrike

Paranioa Paranioa

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can anyone say STOLEN, ddr, asshole get a life

DJ_Seri-Utopia DJ_Seri-Utopia

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that was a nice remix you did of mine :P i have some competition now anyways, keep it up you are very good.


DJ-Seri responds:

here i go, i reviewed myself, how stupid am i..

TheComet-Fruity Tech TranceRMX TheComet-Fruity Tech TranceRMX

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ytou ruined it so much. sry man, learn to harmonize, you cant just make asong that goes up one tone at a time.doesnt work....besides youdidnt do much to this its not even a remix

TheComet responds:

I know, this is pretty old and doesn't really reflect the majority of my music. Listen to Alchemy, Auto, or Incapitation, they're more recent and are a like a synapsis of my music style (I have some great songs that are just too big for the portal, like "The viper Project", which is my best song ever, but is over 5 megs)

_Bounce_ _Bounce_

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this is kool, i liked the build up, but you need too reeverb your clap to make it stronger,maybe make the song a bit faster, i presume its at 130-140 well this should be at 150! Anyways, your kick was good, you couldnt hear every instrument though you need to better equalize each sound. Also put less delay on your main synth it makes it hard to follow sometimes. Dont get me wrong, im loving this! Just some mastering tricks..


check my stuff out

Ak-17 responds:

Thank you! It is critics like you that make me want to improve and become better! And yes you are right - the tempo is 132 BPM still, I think that 150 is just a bit too much ;)!

Nightmare Trance Nightmare Trance

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this stolen from one of the fruity loops premade songs, get a life

lennen13 responds:

hmmm I wonder how you could tell...?